Wednesday, March 07, 2012

More Bad News for Anonymous

Hot on the heals of 25 Anonymous members being arrested come new arrests of members of a group within Anonymous called LulzSec.  LulzSec is part of the hardcore of Anonymous and the group has just been decapitated.  These top members were caught after their leader (who was arrested last June) made a deal and cooperated with the FBI in exposing and tracking them down.

I wonder what the rank and file of Anonymous are thinking right now?  Maybe, "Am I next?" or "Should I move to Antarctica?"  The way things are going, Antarctica is probably the only place they could go to avoid arrest.

Exclusive: Infamous international hacking group LulzSec brought down by own leader

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

More Anonymous criminals get busted

After their DDOS spree on the heals of the Megaupload piracy operation being shut down, dozens of Anonymous members all over the globe have been tracked down and arrested.

While the arrests aren't directly connected to the Megaupload tantrum, here's hoping those idiots who joined in the twisted criminal crusade, not only gave away their banking information but also their IP addresses.

Hey! I know what you could try next - launch DDOS attacks against the web sites of the prisons your members are incarcerated in.  Oh, but wait, do prisons even have web sites?  Are steel bars affected by DDOS attacks?  Or better still, get arrested so you can go join them.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Anonymous hackers become hackees

This is funny!  Apparently there is no "honor amongst thieves" or in this case "criminals".
After a pirating operation called Megaupload was put out of business, the criminals at Anonymous decided to launch attacks on various targets they thought should pay for enforcing the law, such as the U.S. Department of Justice, RIAA, etc.

So some unknown member (aren't they all?) put out a list of attack tools called "Idiot's Guide to Be Anonymous".  And the criminal geniuses downloaded and installed. 

Now here is the funny part - It turns out that one popular attack tool, called "Slowloris", was actually malware.  Someone had inserted the "Zeus" Trojan into it.  So while the happy little Anons attacked their preferred targets, their email account data, bank account data and more was being stolen.  "Idiot's Guide to Be Anonymous" - how very appropriate.

Of all the things I've seen read about this, my favorite is definitely:

So congratulations script kiddies, I'm sure the satisfaction of knocking a few websites offline for a couple of hours in that online tantrum was totally worth opening your collective wallets to the Internet. I'm equally sure that whichever slick sumbitch that inserted the Zeus and effortlessly exploited your blind, slavering, eagerness to be part of the crowd shares your high-minded ideals about IP protection policies.  (from Gizmodo)

Anonymous supporters attacked, their bank data vulnerable

Anonymous Members Hacked During Their Own DDoS Attacks