Sunday, April 29, 2007

Massive Conflict of interest at CBS

Through another blog (Engineering a New World) I just saw an article that was first published in Nov 2006. It exposes the massive financial ties between CBS and big pharmaceutical companies as well as the ties between the 48 Hours show and psychiatry.

I think the lesson to learn here is that you can't just blindly believe what you are fed by the news media. You have to keep a critical eye open, look into the sources of the data, look for the big money and think for yourself.

It is no wonder that a recent CBS 48 Hours show claimed that "schizophrenia" was a physically based mental "disease" requiring debilitating antipsychotic drugs. CBS receives nearly $600 million a year in drug-company advertising revenue and the antipsychotic drugs manufactured by CBS's sponsors are very profitable. (more …)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre – The Psychiatric Drug Link

Are meds to blame for Cho's rampage? The New York Times has reported the killer was on a prescription medication, and authorities have confirmed that the "prescription drugs" found among his effects related to the treatment of psychological problems.

Virginia Tech Massacre - The Psychiatric Drug Link

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Ultimate ADD/ADHD Site

Make sure you are accurately informed about ADD/ADHD. If any of the list below applies to you then check out the ADHD Testing site. Be accurately informed before you make decisions that may affect the entire future of your child or yourself.

1. Has a teacher, school psychologist, or any other school personnel told you that they feel your child has ADD/ADHD?
2. Has a teacher, school psychologist, or any other school personnel told you that they feel your child needs “medication” to learn?
3. Has a teacher, school psychologist, or any other school personnel told you that you need to have your child classified as ADD/ADHD in order to receive extra help or services for your child?
4. Has someone told you that there is a test to determine if your child has ADD/ADHD?
5. Have you been told that “medications” used in the “treatment” of ADD/ADHD are mild with only a small degree of side effects?
6. Have you been told that your child will read better or do better academically if he or she is put on “medication”?
7. Have you been told that if “medication” works on your child, this indicates that he or she has ADD/ADHD?
8. Have you been told that “medication” will correct a chemical imbalance within your child’s brain?
9. Have you been told that there are no alternatives to drug “treatment” for children diagnoses with ADD/ADHD?

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another great album from Therion

The Swedish Orchestral Metal band Therion has produced yet another brilliant album, Gothic Kabbalah. The album is a slightly different style to the last, with not as much orchestra or operatic vocals, but as musical as ever and a refreshing evolution.

The band's lyrics follow mythical themes and so you don't hear the same-old-same-old, love-betrayal-oh baby stuff that you hear from a hundred thousand mainstream bands.

I highly recommend Gothic Kabbalah by Therion.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's about time

After the Don Imus debacle I was wondering if the movement to address racism and sexism in entertainment would just end there or if it would continue and achieve some real advances. We'll I'm glad to read that the movement is not stopping with the firing of an aging shock jock but will now take aim at an area that makes Imus sound like a Sunday School Teacher, that is rap: With Imus gone, critics turning to rap .

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Must See Video - Prescription for Disaster

If you live in the USA and you want to be healthy you have got to see this video:

If you have trouble with the video control then go to: Prescription for Disaster

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A 30 year Saga

The Canadian band Saga have been going now for 30 years. And the amazing thing is that after all that time they are still producing high quality, creative music. I just got their latest album, Trust, and it is another awesome album that delivers the excellence that one expects from Saga.

I'd describe Saga as progressive rock that often borders on, but never quite degenerates into, pop. Great songs with catchy hooks, but never boring and lyrically always interesting.

If you want to check out something new and different to the same-old, same-old that you hear on the radio then get Trust by Saga.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One Note - The most useful piece of software I've ever seen!

I've just discovered the most useful piece of software I think I've ever come across. It's called OneNote and it is part of Microsoft Office. I had Office 2007 installed last week and a friend told me I had to try OneNote. He told me a few things about it and I thought it sounded interesting but I was skeptical. Today I opened it up and read through the intro that comes with it and that got me excited because I began to see all sorts of possibilities. Then I began to use it and MY GOD!!!! It is brilliant!

It's hard to explain but it's like a notebook that you can write or paste anything into at any position on the page, organize it and later find it again. It has incredible search capabilities like you can search for words in graphic images!!

It also lets you create a shared notebook that multiple people can work on at the same time and you can see the edits from others appear in your copy in real-time! Talk about collaboration software!

It integrates with Outlook so that you can create an Outlook task from OneLook. Here's an example, I was in a meeting today and I noted in OneNote several changes the users wanted in the user interface I was showing them. I then made each of these into a task in Outlook with a click on a toolbar button. Later I was using OneNote to write up my plans for what to do next with the application and there were a couple of things I saw I needed to do, so I made them into Outlook tasks too. Later I was in Outlook and all the tasks were there. Tasks from several places in OneLook notebooks were all in one place in Outlook so I could see what I needed to do. As I finished a task I marked it done in Outlook. Later I was browsing through OneNote and there were the tasks but marked as done in OneNote too.

I could go on for hours about the other capabilities of OneNote but you should give it a try yourself and see what you come up with. The possibilities are infinite.

You can download a free 60 day trial version: OneNote Trial. Go get it and give it a shot - it is awesome.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

I had to spring for a new laptop

Well my old laptop finally croaked. Or rather the hard-drive started to fall apart. I managed to save most of my data. I had made backups and a friend helped me plug the old hard-drive into another computer so I could recover what data wasn't corrupted. When I saw how easy it was to take the drive out and stick it into another machine I decided I would just buy a new drive for my laptop.

So I did: I put it into the laptop and loaded Windows XP - and it works!

But, I did use the situation as an excuse to get a new laptop. It's a Toshiba Satellite with a 2 core processor, two hard drives, 2G of RAM, etc. and it has Windows Vista Business.

I've heard some people who have reservations about Vista, but I'm finding it to be great. What a huge improvement over earlier versions of Windows.

So, I'm happy and so is my wife who got my old laptop!