Thursday, October 30, 2003

Great Website

A friend just sent me a link to a great site. It's called It's a site about natural health and natural remedies.

Since the medical profession not only failed to help my daughter as a baby, but actually made her worse, I've not been to a medical doctor. She had a very severe internal yeast infection - it was so bad you could see the stuff growing in her mouth. The doctor gave her an anti-biotic which was (I later found out) in a solution of sugar. Now, even I knew that yeast loves sugar, but evidently the highly trained and qualified medical doctor didn't. Consequently my daughter got worse.

Luckily a friend referred me to a chiropractor who was also a nutritionist. My daughter's condition was handled by what is called "Alternative Medicine" and it was handled quickly and very successfully.

My viewpoint on "conventional medicine" is that if you are dying from some horrendous accident and sowing up a pumping artery or fixing a broken bone is needed then it can be helpful. But under any other conditions it is more harmful than helpful.

A body runs on food, which contains vitamins, minerals and other substances that it uses to build and repair itself. Seems to me kinda obvious that these should be given a great deal of attention by anyone calling themselves any kind of healer. Well, medical doctors know squat about nutrition which explains why so many Americans have diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc., etc.

The trouble with vitamins and minerals is that the pharmaceutical companies can't make a fortune out of them so they prevent their use by any means at their disposal.

Anyway, enough venting. Just check out

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