Friday, September 03, 2004

The Results of Human Rights Violations

It has often been said that violence begets violence. There is a good degree of truth in that but a more accurate statement would be that suppression and denial of human rights begets violence. When human rights are trampled, whether by violent or non-violent means, violence, unrest and terrorism are the result.

A horrific example is the recent terrorist act in Russia where a school was taken over and hundreds of innocents died. This atrocity is easy to see and condemn, but what caused it? To find the cause and correct that is the only way to stop further such atrocities.

The same applies to the situation in Israel find the true underlying cause of that mess and the insanity can be stopped.

My thoughts on this are simple: The denial of basic human rights to the Palestinians and to the Chechnyans is the cause of the daily horrors we hear reported by a ghoulish media. Restore those rights and eventually peace will result.

I don't say this will be easy to accomplish and I don't say there won't be more violence along the road to peace, but the eventual outcome would be peace.

I just wish we had some leaders in the world with the guts and intelligence to see this.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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