Thursday, January 27, 2005

Another Psychiatric Success Story

It never fails to amaze me when nobody finds it strange that someone who has been seeing psychiatrists for years ends up doing something horrendous. There is no outcry, no headlines screaming "Psychiatrists under investigation after patient kills 11 people."

If people thought logically then the train of thought would go like this: Psychiatrists claim to be mental health experts. An expert in some field is someone who knows all about the field and can get a successful result in the field. Therefore if psychiatrists are experts they should get a result in the field of mental health. So how come this guy, who has been seeing psychs for years, ends up killing 11 people?

The answer is that they are not experts, they are frauds. Andrea Yates is one terrible example of the real results that psychiatrists produce, another is Juan Manuel Alvarez who just killed 11 people when he parked his car on the railway tracks in an attempted suicide and then chickened out at the last minute, leaving his car on the tracks so a train could smash into it. Sure, he'll probably get the death penalty, but what about the psychiatrists who have been getting paid to "help" him over the years? They should be in the doc with him, sharing the responsibility for this horrible crime.

Story: California Train Wreck Caused by Man With History of Mental Problems

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