Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Drug Rehab Fraud

It seems that Lindsay Lohan has been ripped off. She paid all that money and spent all that time in "rehab" and within a few days of getting let out (less than 2 weeks) she goes right back to drinking and drugging. Not to take any responsibility away from her, she is responsible for her own actions, but to me if a person has been through drug rehab then they should be drug free and to relapse after only a few days says that the drug rehab was a total failure. (Lohan hit with drug and alcohol arrest).

So if you want to pay a lot of money for no result go to Promises Malibu Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Facility. I guess "Promises" is all they guarantee.

If you want effective drug rehab then you should try Narconon, which has the highest success rate ever recorded for drug rehab.

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