Sunday, March 30, 2008

Anonymous Attacks Epileptics

That disgusting group of Internet terrorists who call themselves "Anonymous" last weekend attacked an epilepsy support message board. That may not sound like a big deal but what they did redirected users of the site to pages that were designed to cause seizures.

The attack began with the posting of messages embedded with flashing animated graphics. When that didn't cause enough harm they added code to redirected users' browsers to a page with a more complex image designed to trigger seizures.

One victim said, "I was on the phone when it happened, and I couldn't move and couldn't speak." Another victim said she suffered a daylong migraine. The report said that everyone who logged on was effected to some extent some with headaches and others with actual seizures.

What kind of sickos would do something like that?

Read the full story here: Hackers Assault Epilepsy Patients via Computer


Jim Gatos said...

Yup, reading this one too..

Hello, Grahame..

Does "Anonymous" know their "flashing gifs" can affect people like this? I knew a couple of people who were epileptic and this whole thing is sad.. What is their problem? I mean, who's next on their list? What is their logic?

Not taking sides here, but how many times can a group apoligize and say, "sorry, we didn't know.. "

Grahame said...

I think there was nothing accidental about the flashing graphics. I don't know anyone who is epileptic but I know that flashing lights and such can cause seizures and I have no doubt that the creepos who did this knew.

As the article says:

"The attackers turned to a more effective tactic on Sunday, injecting JavaScript into some posts that redirected users' browsers to a page with a more complex image designed to trigger seizures in both photosensitive and pattern-sensitive epileptics."

You have to know what you are doing to create a page that is designed to trigger seizures.

This is just plain evil.

Jim Gatos said...

For the benefit of your readers, I'm sure you've read or heard that supporters of "Anonymous" are blaming Scientologists for the "animated flashing gifs", that the Scientologists are "Fair Gaming" them and trying to make "Anonymous" look bad and gain public support by creating these "gifs", posting them on the internet, and then finger pointing "Anonymous"... Input? Comments? Me? I can't say... I am neither "Anonymous" nor a Scientologist. I suppose I'm just little ole "general public..."...


Grahame said...

Actions like this are just "business as usual" for Anonymous. Just look at their past history and you'll see quite clearly that attacking epileptics and then trying to blame it on someone else is just more "LOLs" for them: Anonymous - Some History