Wednesday, September 10, 2003

File Swapping - The new revolution

The irresponsible attitude of file swappers is bad enough, "I didn't know it was illegal," "CDs are too expensive," "I didn't know my kids were doing this," etc., etc. (You have to wonder at the parents who "didn't know." What else are their kids doing on the Internet that they "don't know" about? Viewing porn? Being stalked by pedophiles?). But what really gets me is a quote I saw in the LA Times from a file swapping proponent who uttered this inanity: "The record companies are in their death throws. The new revolution is here." What revolution? Destroying musicians by stealing their livelihood is the new revolution?

What do these idiots think is going to happen if they continue to promote and facilitate the theft of music? Do they think musicians are going to continue to create music so a bunch of criminals can then steal it and pay the musician nothing for all that work? The end product of "the new revolution" is no new music. If it isn't stopped, file swapping will destroy not the music industry but music itself.

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