Friday, September 05, 2003

Music Review - Space Metal by Star One

Star One is another brilliant creation of Arjen Anthony Lucassen, the genius behind Ayreon.

If you like Ayreon you'll love Star One. The Space Metal album is composed of songs by Arjen based on his favorite Science Fiction movies and TV shows. The cast of vocalists in itself is impressive (Russel Allen from Symphony X to name one) and the album has the same kind of character based vocals as the Ayreon album "Into the Electric Castle" but with the more metal oriented musical style of "Flight of the Migrator".

If you are not familiar with Ayreon then Star One is melodic progressive metal with several singers. Each song is the story from a Sci-Fi movie and the four vocalists each take the part of a character from the movie. The vocals are great and the music is never less than gripping.

One thing I really like about Space Metal (and every album I've ever heard by Arjen Lucassen) is that you can understand the vocals, they are not drowned by the music and the vocalists are of such quality that every word comes across clearly. The other thing I like is that even with the metal guitar driving the beat, the melody is not lost and the keyboards (which play a major part in the music) are not relegated to a secondary position.

If you like good music then you'll love Space Metal by Star One.

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