Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Music Review - Beethoven's Last Night by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I was listening to and on came an awesome piece of music.  I love mixtures of different genres and this was classical plus rock, definitely a favorite of mine.  I checked out the artist and saw it was the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  I requested a couple more songs from the album and that was enough - I had to have it. 

The album was Beethoven's Last Night and it totally blew me away.  This is the best blend of classical and rock I've ever heard.  Rock bands have played with orchestras before but the difference here is that the band and the orchestra are one.  They didn't get together just to make this album or play a couple of concerts, they are one and you can hear it.

The album is a concept album telling the story of Beethoven's last night on earth and the attempts of Mephistopheles to remove his music from the ken of man.  The music and vocals are very emotional and the album is very well produced.  I can't wait to hear more from them.

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