Sunday, August 17, 2003

Anti-Virus Software

I'm trying out the BlogThis! feature you can add to your links toolbar in IE so that while surfing, if you find a cool site you can immediately make a blog entry. Just drag the "BlogThis!" link onto your links toolbar and it'll create a button for instant blogging - very cool.

I just surfed to the site for my anti-virus software and clicked my new "BlogThis!" button and in no time flat a blogger window poped up and away we go! The link to the site is created so all you have to do is type your blog entry around it - here's the link: Panda Software Antivirus

By-the-way, Panda is an excellent anti-virus product, much better than Norton and MacAfee (or is it McAfee?). I use Panda Titanium Anti-Virus and not only does it use far less resources than Norton, but it has caught every virus that's ever tried to get onto my machine - mainly through email. It's got a great user interface and is pretty much a "set it and forget it" program.

Anyway, I like it so it must be good :)

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