Saturday, August 16, 2003

Album Review - Celestial Entrance by Pagan's Mind

The review of Celestial Entrance by Pagan's Mind on ProgressiveWorld.Net caught my interest because the reviewer compared them to Dream Theater and emphasized the melody in their music.

On first listening I didn't agree. The album seemed rich in drumming and rythmic metal guitar but lacking in melody. However, after playing it on a different CD player (I've got to get rid of that old portable) I saw (heard?) the light. It took me three careful listens before I was hooked but I can now say this is a great album. And that's often the way it is for me, I'll think an album is okay or less than okay on first listen but it will gradually grow on me and end up being a favorite.

Pagan's Mind is a band from Norway playing high energy, intricate progressive metal. Celestial Entrance is their second album and if they can keep up this quality and energy it sure won't be their last.

About the only thing I'd like them to change in their future albums is their copying of Dream Theater riffs. They don't do it a lot and one of the songs is a tribute to DR, but I'd personnally prefer they stuck to their own music, which can certainly stand on its own.

On the plus side the musicianship is excellent. If they are half this good live then they are well worth seeing. Another thing I liked was the clever use of vocal effects to add drama to the songs.

This is a five star album.

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