Tuesday, July 20, 2004

To The Stars - Conclusion

It is rare today to find a book, movie or TV show that actually leaves you feeling like you want to do something for the world. More often than not, mankind is portrayed as something degraded or evil.

The entertainment industry itself seems to like this idea as evidenced by their Oscar and Emmy choices: American Beauty, Monster, Sopranos, etc. When was the last time something uplifting got an award?

When not showing man as degraded, the highest most forms of entertainment reach is family or sometimes country, but the "country" stories usually portray some other "country" as evil.

So a book that is uplifting without being mawkish, inspiring without being "goody-goody" and ends leaving you wanting to do something about the state of the world is a rarity indeed and much appreciated. To The Stars is such a book.

The story and the characters keep you glued and it isn't until the final chapter that the punchline hits, leaves you gasping in amazement and with a new idea of mankind's destiny.

This is an awesome book. I highly recommend it.

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