Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The French Government is at it again

Not content with creating an anti-religious law a couple of years ago that would allow them to disband any religion they disliked (See Human Rights Watch - France for full details) the French Government has now banned kids from wearing anything religious in school. So for example a Jew can't wear a yarmulka, a Christian can't wear a cross, a Muslim girl can't wear a headscarf and a Sikh's can't wear a turban.

I can understand when a state doesn't allow religious symbols in government buildings so they don't look as if they are supporting any particular religion, but to deny individuals the right to simply wear something is ridiculous. The idiots think the ban will somehow "help to keep classes from dividing into 'militant religious communities'." Personally I think it's going to have completely the opposite effect.

As they demonstrated in their extremely bloody Revolution in the 1790s the members of the French Government seems to have the idea that if someone doesn't agree with them then they'll simply use force to get their way. What they have failed to notice is that it doesn't work and France has been going downhill as a nation ever since. It got so bad last century that they had to be bailed out of their mess by Britain and America, twice.

France is a country with a great potential and if the Government would simply get it's nose out of people's lives and especially out of their religion I think things would be going a lot better in that country.

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