Thursday, February 05, 2004

Vote Absolutely No Flippin' Way On Proposition 56

I just heard an ad on the radio for Proposition 56. The ad tried to portray the opposition to Prop 56 as large "hated" corporations (big oil, big tobacco, big etc.). Then came the list of organizations backing Prop 56. Now, before I tell you who they were let me give you some data on the Proposition and then you can try to guess.

Prop 56 essentially gives the California Legislature the ability to raise taxes at will. Currently they require a 2/3rd majority to increase taxes. Prop 56 would reduce this to 55%. The current legislature are the bozos who gave us the huge deficit that ended up with the recall of the Governor (what a pity it didn't include recalling the legislature). Anyway, bottom line is the irresponsible people who got us into this mess will be given a carte blanche to raise taxes and then overspend those so they'll have to raise taxes to cover that and then overspend and raise taxes some more ... etc., etc.

Now can you guess who is supporting Prop 56? Let me give you a clue. Who gets paid out of public funds (i.e., taxes)? How about public employee unions? That's right the California Teachers Association, California State Council of Service Employees, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, etc., etc. (news article) are supporting this Prop.

I wish I could pay for the election of politicians who then vote me a pay increase.

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