Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Business As Usual in the Corrupt Medical Industry

A few years ago there was an attempt to persuade doctors and drug companies to clean up their act so drug companies would stop bribing doctors with free tickets to sports events, "consulting" and "lecture" payments, reimbursements for "meeting expenses", free drug samples and meals and booze. A new study finds that the corruption continues unabated. Doctors still taking drug company freebies. Ethics rules aimed to avoid conflicts of interest not working, study says

If a drug company rep is giving a doctor money and gifts then there is a clear conflict of interest and instead of the doctor's patients getting the correct treatment they get the drug of the best briber.

The study comes at the same time as another report that of the 6 "rich" nations, the US has the worst health care system. Report: U.S. health care expensive, inefficient. America ranks last among six countries on key measures, group finds

Is it surprising with such corruption going on?

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