Monday, May 14, 2007

What about Privacy?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt just announced that Google is now "Search, Ads and Apps". I'm sure that sounds good to many people. Free, on-line word processing, spreadsheets and more - sounds great. Then there is the benefit of not having to backup your computer in case of a crash:

But it's the Internet-based benefits that Schmidt was pushing at the briefing. He told reporters that computer owners have lost data when personal computers crash and offered Google's Internet-based applications as a remedy for data disaster. "What you would prefer is a trusted partner to keep all the information and have it for you on every device," he told reporters.
Google Officially Taking On Microsoft in Apps

But what about privacy? Sorry, but I just don't trust large corporations like Google with my private or business data. Especially when you consider Google's links with the NSA, CIA and other parts of the intelligence community.

I can't avoid having my emails go through large corporations, but my own private and business data is valuable to me and I'm not about to upload it to someone I don't know and don't trust.

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