Monday, August 13, 2007

When Translators Go Wrong

Here's a car you'll want to buy! The Great Wall-Wingle! Yes, it's called a Wingle!

Listen to this: "Bold design of chrome plated grill, infiltrating with the desire to conquer all from inside to outside." Sounds sexy! How could you resist a car described like this: "Fashion in every detail demonstrates innovative design concepts, creative design and avant-garde daring style, without any meaningless decoration. Brilliant achievements in their careers enjoy life passion."

It's a powerful car: "GW2.8TC engine, self-creative power, China’s first high-pressure common rail diesel engine cooperated with Germany BOSCH Company which possesses of world’s leading diesel engine technology."

I'll take two to go! Great Wall-Wingle Intro

Apparently the wording was worser lastest week but it fixed was.

(You'd think they could have spent a couple more bucks - maybe a couple thousand even - to get the copy on their site right.)

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Scientology Mission said...

I just saw your block for the first time and I really like it. The translation post made me laugh out loud.
cindy Feshbach